The estimated costs of moving home

Trying to figure out what you’ll actually spend when you move house conjures the same kind of maths problem as determining the length of a piece of string. What we can outline though is what you will likely have to pay and give you a considered estimation to what it could cost you.

If you want to discard the costs of buying and selling your property, which would include stamp duty, surveyor’s fees, conveyancing and a valuation fee for buying a new property, and estate agents, conveyancing and an energy performance certificate for selling the last one, and according to AMC Removals who are a removal company in Edinburgh it would add all up to anywhere between £5,000 and £10,000 depending on the price of the property you’re buying.

What’s left to come out of your pocket is the cost of moving your furniture and your belongings and redirecting your post if necessary.

Mail redirection

Mail redirection will cost £31.99 for 3 months, £43.99 for 6 months and £62.99 for a whole year.

That was the easy one. Now let’s look at the removal company charges.

Removal companies

There are a host of considerations to pick through when choosing the right removal company for you but that’s another conversation. For now we’re looking at costs, and again these are estimations gathered from the current marketplace, you can look at paying around £50 or £60 per hour for 2 men (porters) and a vehicle (any size of van or lorry). If you wanted an extra pair of hands for those particularly big moves then you can consider adding an extra £25/30 per hour for each extra porter you require.

Most removal companies will offer a packing service prior to the move and for each staff you hire you would be looking at paying around £20 per hour for as long as the job takes.

You’re likely to be charged a two hour minimum for any service but if you can move house in less than two hours you probably don’t need a removal company at all – just a van, which will cost about £100 for something that will move a single bedroom flat, or around £200 for something that will cover a slightly larger property.

Hiring a removal company typically for a 1 bedroom flat move would cost somewhere in the region of £400 to £500, with an addition of around £150 to £200 as a packing service should you require. A 2 bedroom flat or house move would cost around £500 to £600 with £200 to £250 for the packing. For each additional bedroom in the property above that you can add a possible £200 for the move and an additional £50 to £100 each room for the packing.

Picking your removal company

You should choose your removal company very carefully, don’t pick purely on price. Each company may operate in different ways, from the small family business to the nationwide franchise, each with their own set of unique benefits and advantages.

To pick yours you should obtain quotes from at least three different companies. Try and arrange a consultation at your property so they can take inventory of all your belongings and supply you with the most accurate quote. Also ask each company you meet exactly the same questions so that each quote can be comparable with the same information. You should be honest with anything they require; unforeseen circumstances could add to your bill, but the most important part of the interview process here is for you to get a feel of the professionalism of the company, how you think they’ll carry out the job, their values and the way they treat their customers.

Questions you should ask

Ask about insurance. Find out what they cover and if you’d have to pay any excess in the case of a claim.

Ask about the company history and see if they offer any references from previous customers. You can also ask about any trade associations or qualifications the business may have. These are good references for your assurance of quality and reputability.

Also ask about the logistics of the move. Find out what time they will arrive, how long they estimate loading the van will take, the time travelling, the time to unload and install anything they’ve quoted to help with at the new property and any breaks required in between. All these things will help you estimate how long the day will take and how to plan your own needs around them.

Questions they might ask

They’ll ask where you’re moving to (obviously).

They’ll ask about possible dates if you haven’t already had one confirmed yet.

They’ll ask if the new house is currently occupied and if so when the current occupants are moving out. If it’s on the same day as you plan to move in that can cause complications that they will want to be aware of.

They’ll ask what time you’re hoping to arrive and if you will have the keys at that point.

They should also ask if you want help packing and if so whether you need them or their team for the full pack or just to assist with fragile, delicate or unusual items.

If they offer a packing service (and most do) they will then ask if you need them to supply the boxes and any other special equipment you may require. Some companies will include the boxes as part of the quote and others will make an additional charge. Find out which and if it’s considered an extra see if you can’t find the same range of boxes you’re going to need cheaper elsewhere. There are countless suppliers on the Internet who provide excellent rates.

How to choose?

Ask for recommendations from family and friends. They won’t give you anything but honest advice. Consider what you need from them and which of the companies you’re considering can meet those the best.

Always have a back up plan. Keep the other companies details to hand in case you need to change last minute. With this in mind also check all the terms and conditions, including what cancellation fees may be involved, payment terms, any deposit required and when to pay the final balance.

Look all of them up on review sites. See if they feature in any comparison sites with other removal companies. You could also search for any disputes on social media or in the press. It could be the difference between a simple and straightforward day and a nightmare experience you wished you could have avoided.

Moving House – What it could cost and picking the right removal company

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