Suffering a personal injury is a traumatic experience for anyone but the aftermath can be much more difficult with the added financial burdens it can bring about. No one really considers the financial impact suffering a personal injury can have and that’s understandable after all the first thing on your mind is hardly going to be your money.

But the loss of a steady income while you rest and recover in the aftermath of an injury can really add extra stress to your life. And who really wants more stress after they’ve suffered a personal injury?

No one is the only answer to that question which is why the majority of people who suffer a personal injury whether it’s a minor or serious one will make a claim for compensation. But the claiming process isn’t exactly simple and straightforward so it’s easy for people especially after they’ve suffered an injury to make mistakes.

Even small mistakes can end up costing you money when it comes to your compensation claim so it’s important that you are careful when making your claim. Below we’ve outlined some of the easiest mistakes people can make when claiming for personal injury compensation, so you’ll know exactly what to avoid.

Not Researching Your Solicitors

Not all solicitors are the same and while many solicitors do specialise in personal injury claims that does not mean they’ll be a good choice for your individual circumstances. Don’t be afraid to ask solicitors questions to find out more about them and their experience to see whether they are a good fit for your needs.

If a union or motoring agency picks a solicitor on your behalf then you don’t have to use them, many people don’t realise they can actually ask for an alternative instead. An agency or union might have a partnership with a specific law firm but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be the best option so, do your own research into your solicitors. To find out more about your legal rights then click here.

Not Recording Your Losses

This is an understandable one because many people won’t be thinking about recording their losses, and even if you are you might not actually realise what counts as a loss. Every time you incur an extra cost because of your injury try to make a note of it and be sure to keep any receipts.

The mental aspect of the injury will also play a part in your losses as well so make sure that is expressed when you’re making your claim. Remember the mental aspect can take many forms it could nightmares, you could be drinking more or jumpier.

It can be difficult to talk about things like this but for your peace of mind and to help present the full effect the injury has had on you, you need to be open with your doctors about all aspects of your recovery and personal injury.

Not Asking Questions

Making a claim for compensation is complicated there are many different ways to approach compensation and many different things can count as personal injuries. One common mistake many people make is that they don’t ask enough questions.

This could easily cause them to miss out on a greater amount of compensation, so don’t be afraid to ask solicitors any questions if something doesn’t make sense to you or you just want to know more information about something.

Not Being Truthful

OK, that sounds extreme doesn’t it but what I’ am actually talking about is not being truthful to any medical professional you need to talk to. In many cases you’ll need to talk to a medical professional, so your solicitor will have a medical report to use when making your case.

But if you don’t tell the doctor everything then it won’t go in the report which means you then can’t use it later when claiming compensation. And once the report is written getting things added to it is not going to be easy and in some cases, it might not even be possible, so make sure you are truthful with any doctors you talk to and tell them everything.

It’s easy to get embarrassed and therefore not mention things but you need to be one hundred percent open with any medical professionals you talk to. You can also sometimes not be truthful completely by accident if a doctor doesn’t ask you a certain question then you could easily miss telling them something important. So, don’t wait for them to ask just tell them clearly.

Not Gathering Evidence

OK, this is going to be a difficult one in some cases if you have a serious injury then you won’t really be able to take photographs or note down any details, will you? But for things like a minor traffic accident then you might be able to take some photographs with your phone.

But evidence doesn’t just mean photographs it can also mean witness statements or possibly even security footage. If you suffer a personal injury at work, then you should be able to find plenty of ways to gather evidence even after your injury.

Evidence might not always be needed, but it will almost certainly help make your compensation claim easier.

Not Getting Help

Finally, this is one that some people will find more difficult than others, asking for help after suffering a personal injury can be hard for some people but it will be a huge benefit to you. There are a lot of people who can help you after suffering a personal injury and make the recovery process much easier and less stressful.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for example can be a big help if you’re looking for guidance on the compensation process or if you need help with the financial matters. The impact a personal injury can have on your finances can leave you in a very difficult situation which is not going to help your recovery any, but help is available, and the Citizens Advice Bureau is a great place to find it so make an appointment when you can.

Easy Mistakes Personal Injury Clients Make

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